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Dazzling Possibilities

Isabella Andreini“Why are you writing a show about that?” asked my mom when I told her I was writing a one woman show about an actress from the 16th century. Truth is, I’ve asked myself the same question many times.

Isabella Andreini was born in 1562, just two years before William Shakespeare. At sixteen she stepped out on the Italian commedia dell’Arte stage and became a superstar unlike any before her. Women onstage, forbidden entirely in England, were still a bit of a novelty in continental Europe. Most female performers were considered little better than prostitutes. Isabella changed all that. Not only was she a compelling performer, she was well-educated, fluent in several languages, a prolific writer of poetry, and maintained a virtuous reputation throughout her life. All this and she had seven children in the process. Busy lady. Read more

The Divine Madness of Isabella

How long can you walk the line between genius and insanity?

LA Weekly says “GO!”

“Gough recounts this epic story with disarming ease, robust humor and efficiency, and skillfully mimics over twenty characters. She also employs a dazzlingly attractive assortment of masks and puppets throughout.”
– LA Weekly

“Gough is wonderful throughout, keeping a frenetic, yet balanced, pace, all the while juggling the numerous props and character changes.”
– LA Theatre Review

“There is an appreciable amount of creativity and innovation that makes this more than the average one-person show.”
– pLAwriting in the city


“the production… is impeccable…”
-Backstage West

Coming this June to the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Lovers. Poets. Zannis. Dukes. Madmen.

Enter the world of Isabella Andreini, greatest actress of the commedia dell’Arte.

Finding herself performing alone on a stage, Isabella is challenged to improvise a new scenario – the story of her life.  Isabella uses her unparalleled craft to tell her story and delve into the madness that fuels her art.  Using masks, puppets and sheer imagination, award-winning actress Wendy Gough brings to life some 20 + characters in a show that flies by at a breakneck pace.  Produced in association with Theatre Unleashed.

Written & Performed by Wendy Gough
Directed by Jeff Soroka



June 07, 3:15 PM
June 14, 7:15 PM
June 17, 4:15 PM
June 21, 9:00 PM
June 22, 9:00 PM
June 23, 9:00 PM
June 24, 2:15 PM




The Flight Theatre at the Complex
6476 Santa Monica Boulevard


Tickets will go on sale May 1st at the Hollywood Fringe Festival Website!

 Valet Parking will be available for evening performances.