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In Development


“Just keep it down and speak easy”

Speakeasy  is an actor-generated physical theatre piece, using full face character/expression masks.  Set in a speakeasy in the roaring 20′s, the cast will develop the story of the piece through a series of exercises designed to teach the fundamentals of  mask work, guide the ensemble towards organic interactions and finally assemble material into a coherent narrative.

Ideal cast size 10-12 actors, but can accommodate larger ensembles as well.

Director: Wendy Gough
Status:  Ready for rehearsal
Partnership: Open

Measure for Measure

“We must not make a scarecrow of the law…”

Director: Jeff Soroka
Status:   Research
Partnership: Open





“To be or…” (oh, you know the rest)

Director: Jeff Soroka
Status:  Preparation
Partnership: In negotiation





Hollywood & Vine

“That’s why they keep coming to Hollywood and Vine.  They risk the fall for the possibility of flight.”

Hollywood & Vine is a one act ensemble piece for 14 actors.  One of the world’s most famous intersections plays host to a kaleidoscope of characters in pursuit of fame and fortune.


Playwright: Wendy Gough
Status: Development
Partnership: Open